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Indirect color and network and direct color and network technology, discussion

by:WenJie     2020-03-30
And network, is the process of production with network separation film. Color shade color ( Or Yang) After add compose network, then the sun with network plate. Usually has the following two screening methods: 1, indirect color and indirect network color and network, is the continuous tone color is finishing the negative as the subject, in the original frame, open source, light through the transparent, color negative after lens irradiate on the screen in front of the plates, through the role of the screen, the color shade on different thick slices, order of different parts, divided into sizes on the plates of outlets and sensitive, then through developing, fixing, washing and separation of Yang pictures with branch. Indirect color separation and often conducted on process camera, network for the film and Yang network diagram can be enlarged or reduced, the screen is commonly used glass screen, screen line number should be according to the type of painting, the types of printing & packaging presses, ink, paper and plate making method to determine. 2, the color and network direct color and network is directly on the original color of it and network at the same time, make the color separation, and network in a photo finish, is the color separation and network Yin pictures. When color separation and network directly, will first color film and overlap in the manuscript of a camera. Then gray contact screen and panchromatic hard film overlap, in a plate frame, then the color filter is installed on the light source, color separation and network at the same time. Also can use the reflection manuscript. This method has a simplified process, improve quality, easy to grasp, subtle level loss is small, outline of the reality, simple sense is strong and good character. More plate-making speed, easy operation, saving raw materials, etc. Directly the color separation and network equipment can process camera, color separation with enlarger and generally have direct and network function of electronic color separation machine.
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