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In water-based ink carton printing anilox roll

by:WenJie     2020-04-11
In the carton printing & packaging, ink and ink quantity control is borne by the anilox roller, therefore, must according to the requirement of the product to choose anilox roller, anilox roller screen density is about four times the size of the print line number, can achieve good printing clarity and resolution. Fineness refers to the size of ink and toner particles, completed in the process of production of ink printing ink, it is a very key quality indicators. Paste production process is scientific, careful about the quality of the ink and absolute. In the process of production of printing & packaging ink to join best dispersing agent and wetting agent. General ink fineness requirement in 10 ~ 25 & mu; Between m for beautiful, refined classification or metropolitan impact on ink liquidity and rheological property. Refers to the viscous resistance, ink viscosity is a measure of ink flow performance. Viscosity will cause poor liquidity, slow drying; Low viscosity ink liquidity is good, quick drying, ink layer thinner, ink quantity is little. Ordinary ink viscosity in 50 65 & throughout; /25℃( Tu 4 # cup) , high-grade ink viscosity control in 25 ~ 35 & throughout; /25℃( Tu 4 # cup) 。 If ink viscosity is low, the pigments content is higher; On the other hand, the pigments content is low. Due to the viscosity directly affects the quality of the ink metastatic and prints, therefore, is quite important to control the ink viscosity. In the printing process, the viscosity is too low will cause the color shallow, high viscosity and will cause the dirty version, paste version phenomenon, so please join transfer agent when it is difficult to control, can improve the effect of transfer, increase the colourful and stereo feeling.
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