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In the production of gravure trademark bending phenomenon of solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-05

why the paper in the process of printing & packaging bending? We know, paper is generally formed by chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp and coating layer, the ingredients of the fibre at a certain speed, drying temperature, tension, relative humidity will produce different tensile deformation.

learned that from the experiment under the condition of constant pressure and humidity, the greater the tension, the higher the temperature, the greater the deformation of the paper.

in intaglio printing multicolor machine a molding process, the paper tension by 20-35 Dan, 25 to 40 Dan pressure, drying temperature 60 ℃ to 100 ℃, after a lot of dry, wet, stretch and recovery, different degree of deformation, and in print, because the ink, resulting in different paper double-faced stretch, deformation, recovery, and in the finished product trademark bending phenomenon, especially the poor quality of the paper will appear serious curled up.

according to trademark bending phenomenon during production, we adopted the following measures, to solve the bending problem of trademarks.

a, paper control

according to our many years of practice and repeated experiment, trademark water should be controlled in 8% more ideal, and drum paper moisture between 4% and 6%, low even reached 3%, and the finished product moisture has certain gap. To reduce the bending of trademark, the first in the paper on the origin, brand choice, to choose the normal water content, fibre is influenced by the outside world smaller brand paper; The second paper must have access to the production site for time of balance moisture, the best 4 & ndash; 7 days; Third to scientifically control the production process of wet process, ensure the paper moisture is good for printing & packaging and avoid bending.

2, printing ink, solvent control

in the printing process, because the paper side on the ink, convenient paper two-sided deformation, bending.

we know that the printing ink, resin, solvent volatilization, trademark design, have different degrees of influence on trademark bending, so we in the production in the guarantee under the premise of meet the customers' requirements to design, colour and lustre, origin of ink, the thickness of the applied, the choice of solvent, strong solubility, ink must choose resin performance is good, not easy to knot blade; Thickness according to the product requirements, in the plate making China depth is generally not more than 35 & mu; m; The use of solvents must be a balance of mixed solvent, namely cannot too volatile, and under a certain temperature ( Generally does not exceed 80 ℃) , make the product is not adhesion.

three coordination, speed, tension

pull certain conditions in the process of printing, printing speed is higher, the greater the degree of trademark bending; Conversely, printing speed must have, the greater the tension, the greater the trademark bending. To exert the efficiency of equipment in production, and therefore cannot be used to reduce the speed to solve the bending problem of trademark must choose a reasonable tension parameters to solve the quality problems. For example, even in the running speed of 130 m/min, before pulling tension of 20 Dan, after the tension is 34 Dan is a kind of ideal parameters, as for the actual parameters, can be adjusted according to the paper printing effect.

4, the influence of drying temperature and air flow

the higher the humidity drying oven, for printing process has certain advantages, but the temperature is too high, trademark bending phenomenon will appear. So for level printing general control in 55 ℃ to 70 ℃. For printing large area, general control temperature at 75 ℃ to 90 ℃. Drying oven into wind pressure and air volume is too large, paper moisture swing low, trademark bending is serious, general dry into wind pressure for 80 & ndash; 90mmH2O。

5, the production process of process AIDS

in production due to the influence of workshop environment, the higher the ambient temperature, humidity, paper absorbent increases, the greater the chance of trademark bending; But environmental temperature, humidity is too low, the air is too dry, paper moisture content is reduced, can also cause trademark bending. For finished product trademark, general requirements splint strapping, sealed plastic bags, corrugated carton printing & packaging, to avoid long time exposed to air, reduce the trademark products contact environment, make trademark deformation in the store.

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