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In the production of corrugated box color box paper material how to cut?

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

for cutting paper, we first contact is paper-cut, this is one of the traditional culture has the very high artistic creation of folk craft. Later, we have more advanced paper cutting equipment. Development up to now, we have been able to use laser cutting. For paper printing & packaging & packaging material, has always been the default for the customer to select material with high quality specifications. So for different paper material, to the production of corrugated box color box is how to cut?

color box color box production workshop are usually equipped with cutting machine, the current mainstream manufacturers will use laser cutting, laser paper cutting has good aspect the cleanliness and high precision. For paper printing & packaging process relative to the glass and metal. Paper is also varied, on the choice has the universality. Different paper material used in cutting cutting efforts will also be different. White cardboard, kraft paper, special paper, green paper, art paper, etc. , each gram of paper material and have different burst degrees. Therefore, the choice cutting tool also can have differences. Common cutting machines can free to adjust the cutting of different paper, for the sake of high speed operation, a lot of manufacturer of laser cutting with more hardness is relatively large, high degree of burst of paper materials.

laser cutting hard card, with a smooth, beautiful, cut marks smooth, without burr, etc, the hollow place can be completely cut out, the overall effect is good, the efficiency is high. More need to be aware of is the design draft drawings and text from the net size edge of not less than 1. 5mm。 If less than 1 during cutting. 5 mm, cutting will appear error, will affect the color box color box forming display effect. In the production of corrugated box color box appears around the white part will not affect the quality of large area, this will remove the bleeding part. You also need to pay attention to the issues of paper cutting flame retardant.

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