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In the process of production the cartons need to be safety

by:WenJie     2020-09-24
In the process of production of the cartons, shenzhen a cardboard-box factory and was usually completes the safety precautions, because it can prevent the happening of the accident, ensure the safety of personnel. So in the production of the cartons to want how to do safety precautions? First, the electrical control cabinet, electrical devices and electrical components should be kept clean, regular inspection of components. Second, the safety insurance device on the carton production equipment to keep sensitive and reliable. Third, the production equipment protection should have wheel cover and shaft shall be set, there is a bar and have a hole and cover with rolling, and dampers, a dangerous and interlock. Fourth, require employees not only to master the operation of the equipment technology, and be familiar with all kinds of safety operation essentials.
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