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In the packaging color box printing shadow which the solution of a problem?

by:WenJie     2020-09-04

packaging color box is particularly important in the printing & packaging process, often appear all sorts of problems in the printing, so there will be a black shadow problems in the printing & packaging & packaging color box printing, how to solve? First of all, we should pay attention to avoid the easy generation lack of ink, the design of the ghost like big frame, large field, etc. If must use such a design, you can take the following measures:

1, use pictures as much as possible in the design of packaging color box, for not involved in the field of screen printing, usually don't produce black phenomenon.

2, using the graphic part cutting parts placed outside the color bar, to the excess ink roller transfer ink, the color bar called article ink.

3, adjust the packaging color box printing machine, increase the lack of ink ghost part of the amount of ink ink fountain. And some cant distributing roller mounted on the printing machine, can effectively solve the shadow, it is using different parts of the inking roller printing field different parts of the large area, make the ink roller not ink.

4, change color box packaging design. Reduce big border or field density, balance the mesh adjustable image on a page with the density field gap, make the whole page of ink balance, to reduce the occurrence of shadow. For example, if you put two pictures on the right side of the printed sheet, color box packaging printing more easily generate shadow; If change the design, make the two pictures placed separately, put a, around each balance sheet of the amount of ink, can avoid black rabbit.

5, packaging color box design layout, reasonable layout design. Appropriate layout to ensure the ink roller have enough ink on time, avoid black shadow. For example, if a design is placed in the field on a big picture, puzzle, if the printer wide enough, can be after the two images on a white background.

the above measures can help to solve the problem of shadows in the color box printing & packaging printing, we should pay more attention to some matters needing attention in the printing, the color box printing & packaging & packaging printing do better.

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