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In piebald printing-down machine printing solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-14
When printing & packaging machine in normal extraction time, extraction, the operator found extraction parts between the blank and glass plate, a gas or gathering or swimming there, and the pump is pumping. This case, the operator can adopt slapping method, namely with the strength to take no broken glass for moderate, in the case of plate burning machine side suction, operators and clusters of quasi air blows on the surface of the glass plate, as far as possible make the residual air out, don't get together. It is best to follow the spread of the air to take glass behind, try to make them around to spread, this effect, coupled with the pump air could soon be out of the scope of the film can have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort. Don't run to the diffusion of air to pat in front of the glass, it would make just made of air come together again. If in normal order to pat still cannot achieve a goal, it is best to extend the time of extraction, it also can get satisfactory results. Besides SPC printing & packaging-down machine than it is, in general, the second extraction will not affect the whole process of plate making, so that we can make the operation personnel have enough time to pat. Appear this kind of similar situation, the main reason is that the film area is larger, the operator didn't check in a film and PS version of the film whether positive against. Film is sometimes spell on the base, it also can make produce certain gaps between them, this kind of situation will cause the above phenomenon, its processing method and the above brand affinity.
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