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In hot stamping foil was first hot after printing printing ink counter loop solution of the problem

by:WenJie     2020-04-02

first hot after printing process often occur in the process, hot stamping foil printed ink counter loop problem, not only seriously disrupt the design effect, but also to printing equipment is very adverse. For counter loop down hot stamping foil powder will soon piled up on the rubber blanket, light image network loss, or cause local image printing & packaging. Not only that, hot stamping foil powder through transfer will reach the ink roller, speed up the ink roller wear and damages to the printing equipment. Can be seen from the above analysis, if you want to first hot after printing process, you must put an end to the printing & packaging process of hot stamping foil by counter loop problem, solve the problem of hot stamping foils are counter loop can from the following two aspects.

1, the control of printing process

general offset printing ink viscosity is high, in the process of printing & packaging on paper surface tension is bigger. Can through the appropriate ways to reduce the ink viscosity to alleviate the contradiction. In addition, in guarantee under the condition of normal printing, printing pressure as small as possible.

2, the quality of hot stamping control

hot stamping quality is to ensure that the subsequent printing production on the rails. First of all, according to the paper surface properties of different, choose the appropriate hot stamping foil. Electrochemical after hot stamping foil generally and the background, there is a big contrast to the magnitude of hot stamping effect don't have to worry about, the key is to ensure that hot stamping foil firmly adhere to the surface of the paper.

to accomplish this, except in the hot stamping foil select fluctuation kongfu, and strictly regulate the machine operation procedures. In addition to the required machines personnel to control the temperature of hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping speed is more important for stamping layer adhesion test on a regular basis. Because in the process of hot stamping, hot stamping and paper adhesion between may change with the increase in the number of hot stamping.

adhesion test method using adhesive specific as follows: the tape to hot stamping, quickly pull off the tape. In general, if the hot stamping layer to pull out, also won't appear when printing ink counter loop hot stamping foil. Like a layer of hot stamping is tape pull away, then show that hot stamping layer adhesion not firm, needs to be the school pressure processing. When school pressure reaches a certain number of times, hot stamping quality tends to a stable state.

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