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In gravure printing halftone plate design needs to pay attention to

by:WenJie     2020-04-05

small make up for everybody here introduce simple intaglio printing in the printing & packaging halftone plate design need to be aware of what time:

1, in order to meet the demands of overprint, such as fine lines, words cannot adopt multi-color overprint, tinted pattern cannot have small white, more should not be in matching color design on other small text, relatively heavily for overprint version of the portrait, black, blue, red, yellow version of intermediate try not other color version.

2, the need of printing, bar code try to arrange for the line direction is consistent with the plate cylinder circumference direction.

3, color guarantee, if conditional word, big field and hierarchical design version best separate plate making, large field background as far as possible use page.

4, hanging screen must give full consideration to 80% and 5% jump area, the two color gradient hanging network node limit should be above 10%.

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