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How to store and manage materials in order to not affect the printing effect

by:WenJie     2020-03-28
For plate, proper storage and management is very important, or it will influence the printing & packaging effect. When the following carton net system in China, the whole box of plate materials and finished products only briefly introduce flexo in storage and management. , plate making in our factory, do not affect the printing & packaging effect, plate for basic processing rules are as follows: 1, the unexposed plate in the packing box, with a black plastic bag completed cannot be in rough contact surface before the film exposure, can only after its surface slice, if excessive bending, will wrinkle the protective layer, these wrinkles after exposure of plate making, will leave a stain, materials that have already been 2: be careful treatment, with a piece of cardboard mat below prevent bending with surface protection chip light cover above the original version 3, wash after wetting face, avoid contact with resin plate otherwise will form the stain processing, avoid inhalation of solvent vapors 4, after drying plate on the flat surface contact, don't touch the cooling resin layer to prevent sunlight or ultraviolet light irradiation other two materials, materials suppliers to the whole box, in order to maintain the best condition, the deposit is as follows: temperature control: 5 ~ 25 degrees Celsius, when the temperature is below 10 ℃, the materials are transferred to the plate making room want to place a period of time, stable in order to avoid the exposure machine produce thermal shock effect. Humidity control, to avoid excessive moisture ( Moisture less than 60%. Shall be flat, packing box placed way: every pile of no more than 10 boxes of three), and materials to the finished product from the plate to store rules are as follows: pure air, ventilation is good, clean, no solvent vapors, away from the ozone source temperature control: 5 ~ 35 degrees Celsius light irradiation: dark room plate do not touch each other, have enough air circulation between plate.
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