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How to solve the carton collapse phenomenon in shenzhen

by:WenJie     2020-09-22

shenzhen cardboard-box factory products can be used in many industries, in the process of use is more need to be aware of items, now it's time to carefully to understand this knowledge introduction?

in fact, when we in the use of a product, the need to control the use of base paper, monitor the sizing of the corrugated paper, paper surface water indicators. If the difference of base paper surface sizing, water imbibition is on the high side, it is easy to hand cold storage at low temperature, damp environment influence, cause the carton resurgence, tender, compressive strength reduce. Board of the moisture content is too much, because is the ability of water hardness is low, affect the ability of pressure index. In the process of cardboard processing, single-sided and double-sided machine processes the gluing quantity can't too.

once the glue quantity is big, the cardboard will stare blankly shape deformation, and the shape of corrugated board is a direct impact on the ability of edge pressure, side pressure drop, the cartons compressive strength decreases.

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