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How to set the appropriate resolution scanning images

by:WenJie     2020-04-11
Scan image, how to choose the appropriate resolution, it is a both important and perplexing problems. Because it is not only related to the manuscript and output requirements, but also directly affect the output effect. Scanning resolution is set low, the output image accuracy is not ideal; Set up not only unable to display, and waste of scanning and processing time, and the file is too large, unnecessarily takes disk storage space. When scanning images, then, how can choose the appropriate resolution? Depending on the original size, final output mode and comprehensive consideration to determine the output wide. Displayed on the screen if only displayed on the screen image ( Such as electronic photo album, web image) , as a result of the scanning resolution will be directly converted into display resolution, they are equivalent. The screen can only display 72 dpi ( The abbreviation of dpi is Dot Per Inch, namely contains points Per square Inch) Image quality, so with 72 dpi resolution scanning can the original big show. Use higher resolutions, it will only increase the image file data volume and display area, and can't improve the definition of the image displayed on the screen. With the scanning resolution printer output is not the same as the resolution of the printer. The size of the screen and the size of the actual printing is not the same. Refers to all sorts of color of color ink jet printer resolution output precision, it divided by the number of colors is the accuracy effectively. As the nominal resolution of 720 or 1400 dpi four color printers, its effective precision respectively 180 and 350 dpi. As a result, the original large print, as long as the scanning resolution is equal to the printer's precision can be effectively. The scanning resolution = printer resolution & divide; The printer nozzle chromatic number. Used in color printing said printing precision printing resolution, the resolution of the images and electronic is different, it is the lpi ( The thumbnail of the Line Per Inch) To represent. The number of output lines per inch. Newspaper about 85 lpi, color magazine about 150 lpi, art album, fine art books may be used 300 lpi. When scanning images used for printing, need to according to the requirement of the precision of the printing resolution. The easy way to set the resolution is the output of the original big with printing output line number ( lpi) Multiplied by 2. For newspapers, magazines, and, therefore, art album when printing the best scanning resolution should respectively 170, 300, 600 dpi. The scanning resolution selection list screen display color printing paper printing output way magazine picture resolution selection ( dpi) The original big output 72 72 170 300 600 scale output printer precision; Scaling coefficient of printer accuracy; Zoom factor ( The printing line number; 2) ; Scaling factor: scaling factor = output size & divide; The original image size printer = printer resolution precision & divide; Printer nozzle chromatic number above said is the original output. For scaling of the output, but also need to multiply by scaling factor. Scaling factor is equal to the output size & divide; The original image size. Therefore, set the scanning resolution according to the difference of the output device is respectively: used for screen display = scaling coefficient; 72dpi; For print output = scaling coefficient; ( The resolution of the printer & divide; The printer nozzle number) ; Used for printing & packaging = scaling coefficient; ( The printing line number; 2) 。 Can be seen from the above calculation, the smaller the original image, the higher the printer resolution and output format, the higher the required scanning resolution.
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