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How to seal up the whiteboard paper

by:WenJie     2020-04-11
04 & ndash; 3 mm. White board paper and coated paper, offset paper, typographic paper is the difference between the thickness of the paper, in the process of the offset printing & packaging white board paper feed part of offset printing machine, stamping parts, printing color sequence arrangement, ink balance, and many other parts will be adjusted accordingly. 20 & ndash; 4 mm, because the white board paper surface smoothness is poorer, more rough, the close degree of paper also is much less than the coated paper, printing white board paper also note when printing pressure also increase accordingly. 35 mm ( Measured with micrometer) , if the paper is from thick to thin, should be reduce the thickness of the, is removed from the plate liner inside the bag to the rubber roller lining thickness, if at the time of printing paper from thin to thick, out of the rubber cylinder liner minus a certain thickness, and the corresponding added to the plate cylinder liner thickness.

2, the adjustment of the offset printing paper feed part

1, white board paper printing paper will lose part of the paper suction nozzle and blowing mouth of air volume corresponding to large. 5 mm steel wire; By dismantling the feed roller CAM and its coupling between the shaft pin, or dismantle the roller on the swings, in order to realize the feed roller is not swinging, the purpose of the paper smooth.

3, white board paper printing, offset printing machine of double tension control or gap will increase; Lateral gauge and pressure gauge before the distance between the tongue and lose the cardboard paper, security bars and lose board to increase the distance between some. 3 mm.

3, at the time of printing color sequence arrangement

1, white board paper printing products include hk field, and text, lines, patterns. Such as: postal service express mail envelope, wine box, cigarette printing & packaging ( A box) Products such as printing, printing color sequence it is better to print text, line, pattern, and then put the full version of the field in the last computer printing, this can avoid the whiteboard paper thicker, collide with each other to cause touch dirty mark when working paper brush bad, sticky dirty phenomenon on the back.

2, will be in front of deep color printing, light color on the back, because of the deep color ink strong hiding power, adhesion, jump in front, is advantageous for the overprint accurate; Light color ink covering power is weak, on the back slightly when printing printing run rules not easily observed, overprint effect is much better.

3, often in a printing products, there are four color halftone electric network, and there was a continuous adjustable design, text, line. Four color electrical outlets shall be first printing, is conducive to overprint accurate, reduce paper expansion. Then continuous adjustable print, text, line, on the printing & packaging color sequence arranged to look for the primary and secondary, difficult before they are easy to appropriate.

4, such as the hot weather, white board paper printing monochrome encountered when moisture content is not uniform, wrinkles uneven, paper surface strength caused by poor off powder, wool, and so on and so forth, can also be a dozen empty seal water first, can solve the phenomenon.

4, white board paper and how to prevent sticking dirty

1, the printed version of the full field as early as in the original barrel, do not add 6 # oil ink, appropriate to add some glue, glue; Are not added when the weather is hot and dry oil. On the back of the printed version of the full field tend to stick dirty, powder spraying method is often used to solve, although printing anti-sticking dirty spray powder contains pure plant material, dispersion and liquidity is pretty good, but using spray powder will directly affect the surface gloss of printing & packaging products, make the ink is not bright, and pollute the environment, and have an impact on the accuracy of offset press.

2, white board paper surface rough, poor quality loose absorbency is bigger, flatness, so printed full version field should be first impression, after dark, up a deep background, thin, printing ink shoulds not be too big. If good flatness, white board paper, printed full version of the field before deep color, and quantity of ink printing, will be subject to not glued dirty on the back, and then thin color overprint, this would be a good printing product finish, at the same time, pay attention to the balance of ink, good control plate layout size of water.

in addition, offset printing machine to print the white board paper, because the paper thicker, more than a whiteboard paper jam into the embossing and rubber roller cause stuffy car & throughout; Before bed, so must be carefully seriously will double control, skew and washed before control, electrical control device to adjust right, double tension control double zhang control wheel and the distance between the feed roller not less than two sheets of paper thickness, but not more than three paper thick, or curved arch of the paper through the controller will be stop, Clear in time the double control wheel and the feed roller surface, or the power supply control of the two contact surface dust, dirt or insulation, to prevent double control system failure, a stuffy car & throughout; Traffic, rubber roller and embossing roller failure.

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