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How to resolve the problems such as color box does pasting box glue method

by:WenJie     2020-04-10
Difficulty lies in the pasting box produce does color box glue control operation, glue is not completely cured before the function is difficult to grasp, demand through the manipulation of the glue parameters to be safe. Other, probably in the incoming inspection of glue on the viscosity and solid content, pH value, shelf life etc. Several parameters to control. Simple transformation, glue storage environment temperature in 8 - usually 35℃。 Color box in box pasting process is necessary to using the chemical material such as glue pasting box in the process variable factors increase, the quality of the potential danger increases accordingly. Does color box glue is a common quality of pasting box, and pasting box process controls the main points of the project. Correct choose paste box to realize color box pasting box does not glue, the glue is critical to choose the right glue pasting box, box pasting glue once used the wrong, will cause the whole batch does color box glue. Choose paste box is the basic principle of glue: disposal method based on color box surface paper looks different with different glue. If color box sticky mouth is usually compressive, paper and paper usually chooses penetration in glue can when pasting box; If a paper with the membrane surface ( Contains light film and dumb film) Phase coherence, pasting box when demand is chosen, paper glue, is not the same information and will follow the membrane surface and choose different, paper glue, such as PET or OPP film surface when pasting box should choose different paper plastic glue; If is bond paper and UV light oil in appearance, pasting box when demand choose UV glue; If a paper and polished appearance phase coherence, needs to choose polish glue pasting box. Manual paste box or slow pasting box equipment, should choose open time ( From the glue and bonding material come into contact with bond material can't move this period of time) Long glue; Automatic pasting box or pasting box speed, should choose open time is short of glue. When choosing glue pasting box pasting box workshop working environment and necessary thinking. The glue for the winter and summer with glue, is to have differences in proportion, because the same brand, the same batch of glue, under different environmental temperature, the viscosity is not the same, the environment temperature is lower, the higher the glue consistency. Whether it is summer in winter, pasting box all need glue in the production process to reach the most easy to produce operating viscosity. Because of low winter temperatures, glue consistency high quality control, color box production manufacturer and if the water was added to adjust the glue viscosity, the viscosity of glue together will be affected by the must. Therefore, under the environment of low temperature using glue, stick to glue the sticks together and glue the reaction mechanism of normal, it needs the glue formula to make corresponding adjustment detection system and instrument, this also is many seasoned glue used in the south, in the north can not directly use the cause of much of the site. Other, but also the thinking of color box to use the environment, if after pasting box corrugated color box need to use high temperature environment, demand with high temperature resistant glue pasting box; If after pasting box color box demand to low temperature environment, chooses low temperature resistant requirements of glue pasting box. If automatic paste box machine is with a gun, must choose corresponding spray adhesive. Also think about the function of the spray gun control system, if the gun control system is a hot melt method, it is necessary to choose hot melt glue; If don't be heating of gun control system, it is necessary to choose cold spray adhesive. Does more than is to avoid corrugated color box glue matters which should be paid attention to when choosing glue when choosing pasting box glue, of course, such as environmental protection, that is to think about for food grade. 。 。 Pasting box matters needing attention in production to avoid when pasting box does corrugated color box glue, in addition to choose the right glue pasting box, in the operation of pasting box produce excessive printing & packaging, also want to pay attention to the following several aspects of the control. Before pasting box produce technical plans, unable to grinding or not for color box bond part of plasma treatment, to consider the printing & packaging ink and appearance of the disposal of the blank, in making die cutting plate should also be in the corresponding position and die cutting half wear point line or take knife, which facilitates the penetration of the attachment processing, make two bonding surface corrugated color box bond strong, does not glue. Bonding of certification in order to ensure to secure, the best choose automatic pasting box machines to produce. Now the pasting box machines on the market function is more and more full, after on the pasting box to add some for equipment ( Such as gun equipment, polishing equipment, plasma equipment, CD box, folding device, the hook, etc. ) End, as well as pasting box machines last time many different color box pasting box, does to control box pasting glue to make full use of these for the equipment. Pasting box should fully consider the glue when the operation of opening time, in accordance with the opening time of glue will recuperate pasting box speed, to ensure that within the open time of glue to make corrugated color box of two bonding surface bond together in peace. If beyond glue open time, moving the two bond surface of corrugated color box, will damage the original bond line processing, demand from scratch brush glue stick, or it will does form glue glue or false phenomenon. Pasting box after the completion of the operation, but also on the basis of thoroughly curing time of glue to paste box products after registering. Just paste good color box products, before the glue was not completely curing best placed in the pasting box workshop, not just paste the good color box immediately transferred to the outdoor temperature is too high or too low, avoid the not completely curing glue melting at high temperature or frozen at low temperature, and then does the color box glue.
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