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How to recycle carton packaging

by:WenJie     2020-09-15

shenzhen cardboard-box factory can manufacture products can use in our everyday life, we have a note for the recovery in saving resources, now is to carefully understand this knowledge introduction?

at the time of recycle is need according to the situation, if just use that kind of injury is not serious is no problem, can be used after processing, but the premise is more rigorous, is what will not be able to have obvious when using worn or damaged after things are all don't need to exist, only in this way the high quality recycling express the carton or printing & packaging & packaging can be recycled directly.

most carton when recycling is more trouble, because is not pay attention to when use, recycling is processing after disassembling, such carton recycling is the need to re-engineer the process, to regenerate the carton can be then in use.

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