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How to realize the recycling ink carton printing

by:WenJie     2020-09-19

we actually know shenzhen cardboard-box factory products in the last step is printing & packaging, one of the most important is the product used in printing ink, but how can recycling and environmental protection, and save the cost of the enterprise?

we actually in ink, can according to the printing paper, ink varieties, so we according to the general use less ink, and direct relationship between the number of printing & packaging. Also need according to the customer the product used for printing, but we need to pay attention to safekeeping, carefully prepared ink records, printing & packaging should return the sample at a time, to be a reference in the future.

ink also has expiration, the quality guarantee period of the ink is generally 2 - 3 years, gold ( The silver) The expiration of the ink is 1 year so reasonable purchase, reasonable allocate, avoid wasting suggest cardboard-box factory so should be according to the situation of our printing ink purchasing procurement.

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