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How to purchase high quality suitable label printing ink

by:WenJie     2020-04-09
When choosing label printing ink to comprehensively consider the types of substrates, printing method and printing conditions, the special requirements of customers, post-press processing technology, labels, use and conditions of use, cost and so on several factors. 1. When choosing label printing ink to give full consideration to the customer's requirements. Sometimes customers may be required to label has a special effect, such as ice effect, frosted effect, anti-counterfeit effect, etc. , at this time may be from the perspective of label printing ink to consider how to meet the special requirements of customers and products. 2. Label whether to follow its paste products through some special processing process flow together? Have any special requirements? The choice of the label has a certain influence, such as in some of the product processing process, paste the label on it may have to endure the test of high temperature, or come into contact with certain chemical reagent, which requires the label printing ink must have good high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, etc. , or it will cause deformation or damage to the labels. 3. Label use and using the environment is also choose a factor can not be ignored when label printing ink, such as: label, used in the cosmetic XiDiPin usually require the printing ink has good acid, alkaline, oil resistance, etc. , such as: the label of outdoor use, due to endure the test of the wind, sun and rain, therefore, must notice when choosing label printing ink in ink light resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant performance. 4. Cost factors. Enterprise's goal is to pursue the maximization of profit, this necessarily involves cost problem. In general, the price of label printing UV ink is highest, followed by the water-based label printing ink, solvent-based label printing ink and the price the lowest. Of course, also consider transport, storage expenses and costs etc. Label printing ink performance indexes including hue, fineness, saturation, viscosity, adhesion, gloss, dry, etc. The performance of printing process and printing quality has very important influence. 5. The types and performance of the substrates is one of the most important factors determine label printing ink. Different substrates need to adopt different ink. For example: paper label can be used in a water-based ink printing, and fi lm label generally to use solvent ink printing. In addition, it is worth noting that even the same type of substrates, if varieties, different levels or surface performance, also may use different ink. 6. and printing condition is also one of the important factors influencing the label printing ink selection. Different ways of printing ink used generally cannot replace or mixed, and the printing speed, the type of printing equipment and performance on the choice of label printing & packaging ink also has certain influence. 7. Ink viscosity stability is one of the premise of guarantee the quality of printed matter consistency, ink viscosity is too high or too low for printing, therefore, is quite important to control the ink viscosity. Generally speaking, in the process of printing, with moisture in the printing ink and solvent volatilization, ink viscosity will gradually increase, so often should measure the ink viscosity, viscosity change records, and be adjusted in time. 8. The label printing ink dry also has a great influence, drying too quickly phenomenon easy to cause pattern becomes shallow and even dry plate; Drying too slowly cause ink adhesion or print sticky dirty. In general, ink drying speed should be with printing, printing equipment drying ability and the area of the printed pattern. 9. For water-based label printing inks, pH control is quite important, generally between 8 ~ 9 is advisable. Water-based ink pH change will cause the change of viscosity, therefore, in the process of printing at regular intervals to moderate pH stability agent is added to the ink.
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