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How to print uneven cardboard

by:WenJie     2020-04-10

in this paper, from two aspects of pressure and ink to adjust focus on how to talk about uneven cardboard printing.

corrugated paper board face is uneven, cardboard surface bump phenomenon. Make such board is not so easy, printing & packaging pressure big cardboard can appear pits, printing pressure light will frequent the thief. In general, uneven cardboard production comes out, how to printing links not find relevant questions point, targeted to solve, can cause this kind of board does not waste of printing. That we how to solve this problem? :

pressure control pressure particularly important

printing pressure cannot be too light: do uneven cardboard pressure control is a very important link, the first printing pressure cannot be too light, increase the printing pressure colleagues to release pressure on the light, so the print at the same time of transfer printing ink, the print is not easy to deformation, and ink will not stuck in the edge of the print, printing & packaging pressure is bigger, the font will be clean.

the paper feeding wheel pressure do not: not in round into the paper cardboard crushing, so feed wheel clearance adjustment to control the thickness of cardboard - 0. 4mm。 If the heavy cardboard will crush, resulting in printing & packaging pressure. So must control the feed unit. If version of pressure also big, the printing pressure is big, can appear the printing paste, the handwriting is not clear wait for a phenomenon.

ink: ink better to infiltrate paper

cardboard appear bump phenomenon, because of uneven surface paper tension, tension of cardboard printing ink absorbency is poor. According to the paper problem, therefore, it is necessary to improve the ink pigments content, reduce the ink viscosity, decrease in ink. To increase the penetrating agent in printing ink, improve the penetration ability of printing ink, let the ink penetration into the paper better, this problem will be solved.

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