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How to place the cartons printing appear empty zhang

by:WenJie     2020-09-15

shenzhen cardboard-box factory products is a kind of printing & packaging products, in the process of printing, printing & packaging will appear the phenomenon of empty zhang, how to prevent problems appear empty zhang in the carton printing, now it's time to carefully look at?

actually cause shenzhen carton appears the phenomenon of empty zhang is relatively large, may be because the pile retaining paper brush is too low or into too much, and the problem that the carton printing empty zhang, this kind of circumstance can properly adjust the height of the retaining paper brush and pile into the distance. Followed by mouth because the wind out of the air flow of paper, paper suction nozzle leakage or points such as the reason of empty, by scheduling paper scheduling screw on the cylinder, and change the paper suction nozzle and underside of viewpoints for processing.

for ways to make shenzhen carton is more, be sure to place it in a comfortable environment, can have the effect of saving resource, bring us great benefits, ensure the stable performance of the product.

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