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How to perform gravure printing color correction method

by:WenJie     2020-04-02
One, the emphasis on color saturation: 1, on the depth of images of the basic color to do, especially important field big red, 100% field proofing and printing & packaging products, grinding layer thick thick; 2, electronic engraving roller, should use 30 M color plate & deg; Or 37 & deg; So easy on the ink; 3, the net when carving holes a bit deeper, increase the ink content, highlight the concentration of red, to meet customer requirements; 4, large area demanding field red, can adopt the second carving method, in order to highlight the special effect of bright red thick. Jump in colour 2, deal with two nodes 1, handle color jumping 80% branch area. According to the carving gravure cylinder outlet, and an increase in the law of OPP film proofing and print outlets, 80% area is a network turn jump area, increases more than 80% of the dot in a straight line, the color level and easily set. Mild increase of less than 80% of the network, usually printed layers. Remember color processing point, therefore, should be the basic primary color with the deepest red in pressure-pad-force adjustable 80% ~ 85% after color such as orange, color, dark brown to distance, best away 20% ~ 25%, the field of 100% red, dark color orange, color, dark brown, etc in the complex color below 80%, jumping 80% in order to avoid the branch area, so that on the one hand can guarantee proofing, printing & packaging, print enough red color on the spot. On the other hand, can make the dark color of the orange, color, dark brown after don't take red color, such as make the best of both worlds. 2, handle color jumping 5% branch area. According to carving roller bit easy loss and due to the specular ink thin of OPP film proofing, printing dot metastatic poor regularity, of less than 5% of the dot printed out, cause specular light insufficient amount of ink, and easy to part with very high networking and level. Therefore, to consciously to highlights of the basic color slightly deepen adjustment, with extremely high distance, make high brightness color full. Three, emphasize the brightness of color printing & packaging & packaging products more emphasis on the visual effect of color, demand is colorful. Therefore, in the light, in the light of bright color, should use of primary colors and three, as far as possible need not or moderate application of complementary color, colorful and bright. Four, deal with the continuous physical color transition color in the color correction and adjustment, should not only pay attention to the relationship between light and shade change colors, and to pay attention to keep in the dark color and color, highlights continuous transition between color and light color attune. Coarse particles, mainly embodied in the deep tone to jump of 80% dot area, with middle tone, 5% dot the tonal jump into, disconnected and brighter color, appear particle coarse hard mouth. Therefore, the orange, apple, tomato, green vegetables, such as color for color correction and adjustment, the tonal and cohesive nature, especially the main color version, such as M version of warm color attune, cool color attune of C version, keep continuous transition is tonal. Five, the colour of handle foreign data files at present, gravure plate-making of manuscript, more than 60% is designed by the advertising company good foreign electronic files, because its color adopted GCR process color image scanning mode na black edition, and printing & packaging products intaglio printing process are mainly USES three primary colors of short black version of the adjusting process, therefore, to adjust the foreign data file of GCR color data for the three primary colors to give priority to color data. To this kind of file should grasp three adjustment method. 1, reduce the dark color of the ink amount, to make it with Black outside the image distance, using Photoshop SelectiveColor choose school tools, choose the Black color, the Black version of the ink is reduced by 95% ~ 100% to 70%; To deepen the C version from 60% to 90% ~ 93%, M, Y version by about 55% to 80% ~ 83%. 2, shorten the black version of the order, using the Curve tool, shorten the high starting point to the C version of around 40%. Using the Curve tool moderate deepen color complementary colors. Because the GCR technology replace the complementary colors in the color with black, decrease the black version of the ink and shorten the order after the adjustment, color of the level will be influenced by some, so have to do some compensation. 3, deepen is replaced by black color image dark color saturation caused by insufficient. Method a is to use the lasso tool first tick the shadow, the apple edge to blur, and then use the Curve tool to deepen. Second, deepen with the magic wand, and increase of red apple dark saturation effect. Six, color adjustment note 1, color adjustment needs to be done after the hierarchy and correct the color shift, because the level curve of gray balance and correct the color changes, the change will affect the color, this is often not noticed. 2, color correction is related with color correction tools such as Photoshop which can adjust the color correction, color correction quantity not too much, otherwise it will cause a series of problems. Such as: (1) can affect the color of the adjacent, confusion, often can't correct analysis results out of the question determine the problem. As M version of big red color too much, can make the purple blue and dark brown M in color too much. As Y version of yellow color too much, can make a big, red, green, the Y color too much. So don't visit a local color correction, and forget its correlated color change. If not, will the big, red, yellow, adjusted individually marked out. (2) will result in saturation of the basic level and level of the primary colours. 3, Photoshop Hue/Saturation, color correction tools ColorBalance SelectiveColor is mainly used for primary color ( A color) And three ( Secondary color) The adjustment of the color part, don't use it after color correction ( Three color) 。 Curve is mainly used for the grey level Curve, the density of complex color and overall color deepens the dodge and correct the color adjustment, don't use it to adjust the color, the attribute is different, the emphasis of the regulation is also different.
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