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How to judge the stand or fall of onlay effect?

by:WenJie     2020-04-10
Machine work, the first to use offset press printed, after using machine to stick a face is currently one of the commonly used printing & packaging & packaging enterprise production process. Pasting process because of its flexible operation, lower cost and is one of the most popular kinds of packaging process, machine, the machine can be divided into ShouGongXing, semi-automatic, automatic, and many large carton production enterprises are using automatic machine for production. Can say that the pros and cons of pasting process directly plays an important role in the quality of corrugated carton. Now that the pasting process is so popular, then how can we come to judge the stand or fall of onlay effect? Let's combining with practical production experience, the pasting process requirements and key points for quality control in production process are summarized. A, the color and corrugated board joint has no obvious after stare blankly. Through stare blankly is often caused by glue or too much water, is a common meet failure. 2, the color and corrugated board after the joint rule deviation is less than 3 mm. Third, pasting planish after bonding, corrugated board thickness loss less than 2%. Corrugated board after pasting process operation, in terms of thickness will be lost, but if the thickness decrease too much, will influence the cartons used. Four, color and corrugated board laminating pressing process, the face design is not allowed to have any damage. We use the machine, technological process, the purpose of is to get the printing & packaging as good visual effect, so the security pattern analyses gorgeous is the job of the cannot be ignored. Five, the color and corrugated board bond firm, after pressing the bond after completely, come unglued area is less than l % of the whole area. And degumming position does not affect the quality of the finished product, or for the trash. Six, stick a face finishing stage, maintain the normal production of die cutting process. General corrugated board after pasting again to go to die cutting machine for processing, so the pasting late finishing is also very important.
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