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How to judge the quality of the carton

by:WenJie     2020-09-17

shenzhen cardboard-box factory products can be used in many industries can be, but at the time of purchase, need to confirm the quality of the product, now it's time to carefully understand this knowledge.

we actually at the time of manufacturing products, need to look at the features of the product is complete, the main performance is: adhesive joint incomplete, incomplete or tape joint joint pin's abundant or not; The edge of the slot cut into the carton side; Cover plates can't docking, the gap is greater than 3 mm; Cardboard moisture content is higher than 20% or below 5%; Carton of indentation present bending; Carton printing or graphic vague; Carton no anti-sliding measures according to the rules.

the last if we find the carton appearance but does not affect the use, can cheer up slot or carton die-cutting coarse; Board appearance with washboard bumpy, affect the printing & packaging graphic quality; Box surface pollution miscellaneous points; The shallow scratches or marks rubbed off.

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