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How to improve the printing workshop production efficiency

by:WenJie     2020-04-10
1. Set benchmark for printer choose a you every month to live, to record its job preparation time and related production parameters, such as printing & packaging machine production speed, boot loss and the number of stop cleaning the rubber cloth, etc. Also, record the downtime reason and time every time. Paper waste and material usage, of course, also want to put on record, best can let a group of workers in shifts at the record of the printing press, so you can see our production efficiency is improved. 。 2. Cleaning the printing workshop implement 5 s production management system, and strictly comply with all regulations. But before began to implement the plan, you have to clean up their own offices. 3, manufacturers of equipment inspection and repair the printer problems that may require some costs, but are you willing to let their own printer in the case of bad parts for production? If you change the new parts and then measuring the productivity of printing & packaging machine, and compare it with previous test results, you will find distinct improvement. 4, staff motivation, employees always has a strange idea and Suggestions. Listen carefully to their life and try to adopt their ideas & ndash; — Even if you're a little pessimistic about their ideas. 5, the implementation of the accountability system if you have already taken the aforementioned measures and some employees fail to improve the production efficiency is still consider each person's work efficiency, after all, no one is willing to behind other colleagues.
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