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How to give carton packaging

by:WenJie     2020-09-19

we know now shenzhen cardboard-box factory product variety is more, especially like the love of people, but in the store when he appeared what is the problem?

we know that the cartons are a perishable product, especially the more vulnerable to pests, in order to against insects, we can use two kinds of methods, such as physical method, which USES high strength film printing & packaging & packaging of a single food, make the worms to wear tight and insect-resistant. But this method must change the existing printing & packaging production line, also increase the cost of the film. Followed by chemical methods. Can be on the product surface coated with antifouling paint.

but the product is in use, we also need to be moistureproof, this can be very good to prolong the life of him, and at the same time also save the cost.

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