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How to enhance the strength of the carton

by:WenJie     2020-09-12

carton is a widely used packaging products, consumption has become many packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated carton. Cardboard-box factory in shenzhen with the change of the society, the use of corrugated carton superior performance, excellent machining performance, gradually replaced the transport packaging container wooden boxes, become the main power of transport packaging.

work printing and packaging industry printing method mainly includes: lithographic printing, ink printing, letterpress printing & packaging ink ( Carton) 。 Among them, the carton water-based printing & packaging color difference than high strength, low cost, high efficiency, Fast to send) , the overall printing effect is close to the color printing, widely used in transport packaging products. The main production technologies of corrugated carton corrugated board production line automation, printing process, after processing and molding process; work basically achieved printing, slitting, die-cutting, viscous box, printing & packaging automation.

a lot of data analysis showed that compressive strength of the cartons, cartons and circumference of height and width are associated with a certain relationship. Carton Zhou Changyue long, high compressive strength, carton circumference, has a certain transformation relationship between compressive strength.

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