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How to eliminate static electricity in the packaging and printing

by:WenJie     2020-04-10

to combine to produce practical, use of printing & packaging & packaging materials ( What packaging products) , the use of customer premise, and so on and so forth, take different antistatic technology to eliminate static electricity. Common antistatic technology is as follows:

1, the physical elimination method

physical elimination method is under the condition of without changing the material function, the method of using electrostatic itself inherent features to eliminate. Such as grounding & throughout; Eliminate method, electrostatic brush is installed on the process of elimination. Put the brush body in paper or plastic coil winding or volume, and make the earthing end of the electrostatic brush, reliable grounding, and cannot pick up on the device or guide roller. Due to the equipment may be bad earth; Department of guide roll by anodization, natural alumina surface, and alumina is not conductive.

2, chemical elimination method

chemical eliminate electrostatic method namely antistatic agent processing technology, mainly the antistatic agent ( The surfactant) By adding ( Fill in) Technology or coating technology, method of motor can be modified for resin or base material, is more complete and perfect antistatic technology. But because adding or coating the antistatic agent, has caused the change of material chemical composition, and the processing of this technology is used in the paper, only used for modification of plastic resin.

especially in packing food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical products and so on, should pay attention to safety, health, and the compatibility with matrix resin, etc. , thus high technical content. Antistatic function of printing & packaging & packaging materials, because not only to eliminate the static electricity caused by all kinds of quality accidents, and advances the efficiency of packing for the customer, to ensure the sealing strength, thus received the recognition from the customers.

a: add type processing

the technology ( The masterbatch technology) Is to add type antistatic agent according to certain concentration ( A few percent to dozens of percentage) Mixed with thermoplastic resin, and add a variety of additives, the melting, mixing, granulation, antistatic masterbatch was. The selection of antistatic agent, to pay more attention to the compatibility with matrix resin. If the poor compatibility, of antistatic function of particle is poorer; But very good compatibility, antistatic agent to the surface migration speed too slow, difficult to form the antistatic water film. Selection and products of the same resin resin as matrix resin, in the melt, the process of mixing, granulation, as far as possible to maintain low processing temperature, to prevent bad antistatic agent for hot not disorderly and decomposition and even spoil.

use antistatic particle preparation of antistatic plastic film, often adopt three layers ( ABC) Co-extrusion blow molding process. Pay attention to the proportion of adding antistatic masterbatch according to determine the effective content of concentration, and according to make proper adjustment of the test results make the surface resistivity of ps in 1011 & Omega; Or so; Add to increase capital increase product not only, and will be detrimental for later processing operations.

b: type coating processing technology

coating type antistatic agent processing technology is made from anti-static ionic surfactant coating, coating on the plastic film surface, thus preventing charge accumulation effect. The selection of coating type antistatic agent, according to the work function of be coated substrate to determine the size. The work function of plastic material, easy to negatively charged; Its work function is small, positively charged. Common plastic materials in front of work function from big to small order has been talked about, PP, PE is negatively charged, appropriate USES cationic surfactant coating; PET and PA are positively charged, appropriate USES anionic surfactant coating. The plastic film surface wetting tension is greater than 38 dyn/cm; Good antistatic coatings film, friction resistance, resistance to chemical attack and persistent.

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