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How to differentiate by the quality of carton

by:WenJie     2020-09-09

in our packing carton is good or bad in life is when we use in everyday more concern, so the stand or fall of quality transport is not fresh to also won't be so good, how to identify the quality of the he shenzhen a cardboard-box factory and was good or bad?

we identify the product quality is relatively more, generally we can start from the appearance of the product to study, the fine product there is no brush strokes on appearance, is there a pinhole leak, main is to check whether qualified pincer-like device. Second: check the sealing strength to achieve a vacuum printing & packaging & packaging carton, pincer-like device check is a top priority, detection: the hands into bags and average tear to the opposite direction. Tear is pincer-like device even if the deformation will not layered peeling, as the sealing strength is high, with a tear is broken, is regarded as the sealing low light, in real life, the packing bag of CPE material is higher than the OPP material strength.

our packing carton in life there are still a lot of useless, this is a more common one kind of material in our lives, plays an essential role in our life. At the same time we also need to pay attention to the good storage environment is necessary.

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