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How to correctly choose food oil polish

by:WenJie     2020-09-08

due to surface polishing process is simple, fast and economic effect, a lot of food as long as the printing surface through the polishing process can meet the use requirements. Glazing after food box, can improve the performance of the protection of the printing and graphic and achieve moistureproof, effects such as wear-resisting, on the other hand may also increase the aesthetic feeling of printing & packaging & packaging and decoration effect. Today we will follow the shenzhen carton manufacturers to look at?

however, a handful of solvent oil polish, packing materials surface coating organic residue, is the main reason that do not meet the requirements of food printing & packaging. If use solvent to glazing glazing oil production process, although its brightness after polishing product is higher, wear-resisting performance is good, but, due to the glazing oil solvent, adopting the dilution effect of the solvent is toluene, such not only easy to produce pollution to the environment, but also endanger the safety and health of human body.

so, solvent-based glazing oil, should not be used for the decoration on the surface of the food processing. And waterborne glazing oil is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and no good advantages of organic volatile, although waterborne glazing oil defects not abrasion resistant, and almost a little gloss than solvent-based glazing oil, but from the perspective of food safety, health, waterborne glazing oil is suitable for food post-press processing technology.

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