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How to control the color in the packaging printing

by:WenJie     2020-04-04
In order to ensure the same batch, different batch of product color difference is in line with national standards and customer requirements, in the process of packaging printing of the color of the control. 1. To make color card first, according to the customer provide the color standard sample color ink ratio using the computer color matching system; To bring up the ink samples by the use of distributing apparatus, instrument show ink & quot; Display & quot; The color samples of different density; Then according to the national standard ( Or the customer) Requirements of off color, using spectrophotometer to determine the standard, shallow and deep, limited production printing & packaging standard color card ( Color paint should be further revised) 。 Chengdu half packing design color is normal color sample, the other half is the color of the sample surface treatment which is used for the convenience of quality inspection. 2. Verify the color considering the paper are the main factors affecting the color difference, so every time before printing with the actual printing paper & quot; Display & quot; Do slightly revised sample color, contrast color, in order to eliminate the influence of the paper. 3. control collar machine in printing & packaging and printing color printing standard color swatches of the thickness control, advertising poster design at the same time auxiliary by density gauge measuring color density value and Bk, to overcome the dry, wet ink color density difference. In brief, in the process of packaging printing, various cause of color have off color, to for different reasons for concrete analysis in the actual production, solve the problem, try to control the deviation in the range of the smallest, outdoor advertising design production packing print out the customer satisfaction.
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