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How to control the bar code printing quality

by:WenJie     2020-04-10
Good control bar code printing and test before delivery, is one of the important condition to ensure the quality of bar code, can not meet the quality requirements of bar code symbols not only not convenient for the user, it will create confusion to management. Ensure the quality of bar code, put an end to unqualified bar code into the application domain, need from the following several aspects: printing area mainly from three aspects as substrates, inks and field monitoring. Substrates to select in order to ensure the bar code read effect, as far as possible choose stress after stable size and good pigmentability &thickenabilty materials as substrates. Paper and plastic substrates should as far as possible to ensure that the relatively high grams ( Thickness) To avoid material pervious to light. If the plastic transparent substrates itself, should be in printing bar code printing a layer of the base; Substrates gloss not too high, in order to avoid the phenomenon of mirror reflection. For reflective high material, to play MAO process ontology color or covered with a layer of the base. Ink for material of different substrates, printing ink diffusivity and permeability is also different. According to the characteristics of substrates, strictly control the proportion of added accessories, ensure the ink density uniform, hue, high purity. According to the different material in pressure adsorption ink, liquidity, appropriate adjustments for the ink volume. At the same time, still should according to the printing environment adjust ink thickness, on the premise of guarantee the quality of bar code printing as soon as possible dry. On-site monitoring site operation personnel must receive pre-job printing bar code symbols related knowledge training, the required field control. process, to monitor the clarity of the bar code, at the same time of visual quantitatively computer retrieval, and according to the actual situation adjustment ink quantity, printing pressure, printing speed, etc. When printing large batch, want to often clean the board roller, avoid board drum stick too much ink. Found that bar code symbol in deinking, stain, deformation or first reading rate drop, etc. , must immediately stop check list. Conditions permit, it is suggested that using vertical plate (as far as possible The printing direction are consistent with the direction of the bar code) When printing, which reduces the printing & packaging ink diffusion degree. Before delivery of the inspection bar code detection is divided into small sample before bulk printing & packaging and batch printing after test two parts before delivery. In order to find problems early, should be testing-run out samples before batch printing, on the basis of the printing enterprise self-test, entrust a inspection qualification second inspection of the third party. If can not meet the test requirements in a timely manner the rectification, avoid to cause unnecessary loss. Batch print barcode products must be strict inspection before they go out, qualified rear can consign is used, it is strictly prohibited to unqualified print factory. Considering the prints in the process of storage, transportation, shelves, etc can lead to losses, suggested testing level for bar code before delivery: paper & ge; 3. 0, plastic & ge; 2. 5, corrugated paper & ge; 2. 0.
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