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How to choose the thickness of the carton when the customized carton

by:WenJie     2020-09-13
For those customers didn't order the cartons, it is important to note that some important details, such as how many cartons of bearing, the difference between the inside and outside carton dimension, carton material choice, carton stare blankly type choice, how carton printing & packaging, and so on. Shenzhen cardboard-box factory combined with his own experience, in view of the customer need to customized carton, summary in addition to some issues which need to pay attention to the choose and buy, we said today on the choice of the thickness of the carton. The cartons according to stare blankly is divided into A, C, B, E, and their combination: AB stare blankly, BC stare blankly, BE, etc. A high going A while at the highest. A decline. In the gram weight of paper, corrugated stared blankly high is higher, the better the performance of the buffer, hardness will become poor; Corrugated stare blankly more short, the cushioning properties of paper also is bad, so the hardness is the better. Such as AB going a while at the cardboard than BC paperboard cushioning performance is good, but there is no BC stare blankly hard hardness. Above is the carton thickness selection skills, hope these knowledge can later in order to you make to order the cartons when can have certain help, will do good quality, to meet the requirements of your cartons.
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