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How to choose the printing way

by:WenJie     2020-04-10
Simple for digital quick printing is suitable for small batch of printed matter, speed, cost is high, and the printing is suitable for mass printing. Digital quick printing is a kind of advanced printing technology, but the technology of advanced does not represent can be widely used in all fields. In fact, given the digital quick printing unit production cost is higher, therefore, is suitable for using digital quick print prints in the present case is not a lot. Some suitable to live parts, adopting digital quick printing technology to achieve the balance of cost, speed and customer satisfaction. These business types include: 1. Many pages, but the number of copies need to be few, such as the book of tender, design renderings, property management manual, yearbook ( Alumni) , print design and the purpose order books, newsletters, and report materials, meeting materials, training materials, employee handbook, high-end recipes, corporate identity manuals, investment promotion, bidding manuals, etc. 2. , less need of the large number of pages, but not enough to meet the requirements of traditional printing & packaging, such as parking permit, tickets, product page flyer, hanging flags, invitations, greeting CARDS, invitations, etc. 3. In variable data printing, such as wedding anniversary album, personal pictorial book, personalized product manuals, treasure and grant, a power of attorney, personalized calendar, variable statements, personalized invitations, personalized greeting CARDS, portrait CARDS, the baby grow, travel travel brochures, personal works, etc. 4. All kinds of IC CARDS, personalized PVC card, etc. Such as: VIP card, membership card, meal card, bus card, etc.
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