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How to choose the printer inverter

by:WenJie     2020-04-10

1: the process features of printing machine running control

to make the inverter frequency conversion motor can be well applied to the printing press, meet the requirements of production process, must first clear the features of the printing press operation control, it puts forward what kind of requirements to the function of the frequency converter, and then select what type of frequency converter, and how to specifically modified docking the existing lines.

sheet-fed offset printing machine is run by a motor through a belt drive, gear transmission, chain drive of the machine, roller, tooth row, institutions by the mechanical connection between coordinated action, so the control of the main drive motor to control the operation of the whole machine. In mechanical adjustment, inspection, installation, remove the PS version and rubber cloth, cleaning machine, need to control the machine manually, point the car forward and reverse operation, about 4 r/min speed is more appropriate. During printing to suspend, in order to guarantee the PS version is not damaged, the ink is dry, to make the machine long car running at the same rate. Started printing & packaging machine production, with an initial speed, about 3000 r/hour. After the paper guide began to feed can be accelerated, the machine production at high speed, generally is 6000 ~ 8000 / hour. In order to adapt to different production speed requirements, can be adjusted by a speed control potentiometer on high speed, the speed of the actual value can be through the speedometer indicator. From the high speed of initial, printing & packaging speed has two cases. One is manual button to slow down, and the other a fault is detected in the process of printing paper, such as slanting, paperless, double card printing machine automatic deceleration operation, each part accordingly to coordinate action, such as pressure, water stop lose out of ink, and paper, etc. At the end of the production, press the stop button and the machine accordingly to stop running the free parking. In addition, in order to guarantee the personal safety, in the dangerous parts of the printing machine equipped with safety protection switch or abrupt stop button, as long as the switch action, no matter what is the status of machine, all want to immediately stop, emergency brake of the machine.

2: printing & packaging requirement for the function of the frequency converter

a: want to have three sections of speed control, direction control functions, to meet the positive and negative points, is low speed, initial speed, high-speed printing requirements;

b: high speed variable speed values, hand is the best way to adjust potentiometer stepless speed regulation in the form of to adapt to different process requirements;

c: machine must have the speed indicator, make the operator clear current running status;

d: plus, deceleration process of machine to smooth, speed, smooth no impact when they do speed transformation, the inverter itself has a failure will make the machine stop running.

3: the parameters of the frequency converter selection, How to choose the printer converter)

according to these requirements, the vast majority of the inverter can meet, on the occasion, choose universal frequency converter. The choice of voltage capacity according to the power supply and the original machine used in the motor. The use level of 400 v, monochrome machine with 5. 5 kw, two-color machine with 11 kw inverter, a wide range of frequency converter on the market, generally choose quality mainstream products, such as mitsubishi A540 series, yaskawa G5, Taiwan, etc. , although these products price is higher, but the quality is guaranteed.

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