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How to choose the glazing oil?

by:WenJie     2020-08-30

on light is refers to the printing & packaging surface coated or printed on a layer of colorless transparent ink or raw material ( Commonly known as & other; Glazing oil & other; ) , after drying and even pressure light processing, has greatly increased the printing surface gloss and smoothness, highlights the class of the print. Second, glazing can improve print surface wear resistance strength, graphic protection of printed matter. For printing the finished product has been processed, common practice is to use screen printing UV glazing process and coating glazing process, and the more advanced polishing technology is using on-line operation and printing done at the same time, due to the use of raw materials and polishing method is different, of course these glazing effect is also different.

the purpose of polishing is the most important is to printing & packaging printing & packaging appreciation, because surface added bright beautiful luster and stereo feeling, the simple sense of appearance more delicate, more easily in a wide variety of goods display become a visual focus.

in printed material surface glazing, according to the way of optical coating was divided into many kinds of glazing types, such as: coated gloss, UV glazing, flexo glazing, etc. , then we in selecting a glazing oil how to choose?

print gloss quality to a large extent depends on the chosen glazing oil, glazing oil into three categories: oily gloss oil, waterborne glazing oil and UV glazing oil. Oily gloss oil containing volatile solvent, have negative effects on health is not conducive to environmental protection needs. Waterborne glazing oil and UV glazing oil, by contrast, will take more share in the market, whether it is UV glazing, waterborne glazing, common or special polishing processing each have their advantages and disadvantages, has certain market demand, but the waterborne glazing is undoubtedly the most advantage, because its healthy environmental protection, low cost, wide range of USES.

in developed countries, waterborne glazing has become the mainstream of polishing technology, the water-borne light oil treated paper surface whether there is light or matt, can again the reprocessing, local UV, hot stamping, such as gold and pressure bump and other finishing processing work, but the waterborne glazing oil after polishing glossiness is about 70%, while the UV glazing oil can reach the glossiness of about 90%, therefore, the technological effect has obvious difference.

the market is the most used UV light oil, UV light oil according to different printing material, can be divided into tissue paper, paper, gold and silver cardboard special glazing oil, such as when using UV light oil can't add thinner, or print gloss amounted to less than expected. In the process of actual operation, because the UV light oil must be heated to just can use after 50 ℃, so there are still some shortcomings in terms of safety in production.

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