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How to choose the dieyin in printing or trap

by:WenJie     2020-04-11

choose to superimpose or trap in actual printing, need to consider related problems, the main from the Angle of the overprint accurate and color effects to analyze the question from the perspective of alignment and dry analysis dieyin even misregister also won't appear white leakage problem, but easily caused by the ink layer too thick smearing on the back. Trap is not easy to appear on the back rubbed against dirty, but if misregister, easy to affect the thief and beautiful.

for monochrome machine, color dry before later after printing color, is advantageous to the ink dry, but easily caused by paper will swell elongation misregister, therefore, tend to have dieyin.

for multi-color machine, multi-color printing in instantaneous, basically there is no paper suction elongation and cause the problem of misregister, alignment sex raised, but all of a sudden in wet dieyin way of accumulation is too thick ink layer, prone to poor drying phenomenon, therefore tend to use trap.

according to the analysis on the TuKe paper color printing & packaging gold ink, silver ink, will be in the form of trap all ink, silver ink printed on white paper than on other background color looks more thick, pure, printed in black, if the black edition only larger area of the field image, adopt the way of trap increase the black version of the ink is printed on white paper than on other field background more thick ink dieyin. But when printing just written words and lines due to the human eye's ability to distinguish thin lines delimit density is not strong, so the printing small text and line and there is no need to print too thick, and fine lines cross if adopt the way of trap will be difficult to overprint.

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