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How to choose the appropriate printing color sequence

by:WenJie     2020-04-09

in general color series can pay attention to two points:

1. The normal printing & packaging color sequence is K + C + M + Y, why use this color series? Mainly for C + M dieyin rate is better than M + C;

2。 In the normal color sequence can not meet the requirement of the quality ( As a result of the paper and ink absorption ability, dieyin high) After considering the mass-tone attune of the product first, also is the first light after dark.

if your product is the ink a violet, namely layout slants cold tonal, big ink blue outlets close to 100% field, and magenta outlets at 50%, then at this point in order to ensure the good effect in reducing, dieyin network will have to K + M + C + Y or K + Y + M + C ( Depending on the printed sample) 。

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