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How to calculate the printing record-keeping formula

by:WenJie     2020-04-11
Understand how to calculate the printing record-keeping, to know the printing price is the basis of price, convenience and customer talks. Usually calculate record-keeping formula: long; Wide; Grams; Tons of price; The print & divide; Open number + 10% loss = paper price such as: print 5000 opened 16 open, use 157 grams of paper, paper tons price 7300 yuan for paper how much is the total price? Note: a full open magnanimous paper length 1. 194 m, width of 0. 889m; 1 is a fully open paper long 1. 092 m, width of 0. 787 m solution: 1. 194; Width of 0. 889; 157 grams; 7300 tons of price; About 5000 & divide; Open the number 16 + 10% loss = total 418 paper. 19 yuan may you still don't quite understand printing common terms, please learn printing becomes easy terms. Long and wide printing industry refers to the size of a large piece of paper, it points magnanimous paper and are two common specifications: magnanimous paper is usually called A3, A4, A5 paper, is the big eight open, 16, 32, is degree paper is usually called, B3, B4, B5 paper is positive is 8, 16, is 32. This is a full paper is divided into several portions. Grams is 1 m wide; 1 m long, called grams with weigh weight, also known as the weight. Tons of price 'refers to the prices of paper 1 ton weight, 1 ton ( T) = 1000 kg ( kg) , 1 kg = 1000 grams ( g) 。 Run -- also known as the number of calendar, means you need to print the number of printing. Open count is also called the specifications, it is to point to a big piece of paper, Also called full paper) A few copies. Loss is also called paper, refers to the increase in the number of printing & packaging process, let the loss in the process of printing, such as can not guarantee the delivery of the goods quantity. When you learn the six printing calculation after the record-keeping term is easy to calculate the record-keeping.
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