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How to arrange in color printing dieyin the order

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
Lithography is rich layers of decomposition is made after continuous tone manuscript halftone monochrome version, reoccupy halftone autotype dieyin to implement color reproduction. We find that different ink in the printing practice, transparency, covering power, viscosity, different characteristics such as lightness, and therefore made in color printing, we need reasonable arrange the order of the dieyin. Scientific and reasonable arrangement superimposition sequence, to obtain the correct, soft, rich layers, color correct printing reproductions, meet customer demand, it is extremely critical. China carton network in printing production below how to carry on the simple analysis to superimpose: multicolor machine when printed version of of all kinds of printing ink in less than a fraction of a second dieyin together in an instant, the very short time intervals between various after color can't be printed in the oxidation of conjunctival ink layer on this is the so-called pressure wet wet. Multicolor printing machine, when the first color printing ink Yu Chengyin content of ink transfer is probably half of the rubber cloth printing ink, ink and then in a very short period of time, from a liquid to the process of semi-solid change ( At the beginning of ink fixation) , and then the substrates with has not completely dry half liquid ink film into the second color started the second color printing & packaging. At this time of the printing ink transfer is less than the proportion of the first color, because the color has not been completely dry, the division of ink film is necessarily affected by the first color wet ink film. It is because of the characteristics of multicolor printing press wet wet, we determine in our printing color sequence, than use monochrome printing machine need to consider more factors. In the color sequence arrangement of multicolor printing machine, we have to consider the following factors, and through the reasonable color sequence arrangement as far as possible to reduce this effect: first: keep the second color ink viscosity is smaller than the first day, if after color viscosity than before color, not only can make the transfer to significantly lower, even can cause the inverse printing ink ( Before the color ink color sticky walk) 。 General four color printing ink viscosity relationship: T black & ge; T green yellow, magenta> T = T T on behalf of the ink viscosity values. Also: after printing ink viscosity must be smaller than the viscosity of the color before. Ink viscosity of ink cohesion is large, if the cohesion of ink color overprint after as before color, after color ink rely on its own cohesion the first printing ink from the surface of substrates. Four-color offset printing ink viscosity order from big to small in turn is: black, green, magenta, yellow second: ink layer thickness after will obviously influence the color ink transfer. should try to put on the thick ink ink film thickness after the color, the color of the ink layer thinner before put in color, this can make the ink in the printing process, to achieve a relatively large transfer. If the color layer is less than before after color, ink film in the process of transfer, the division of the local color is more close to the former, even in the middle of the color film before. The CY/Y5 - industry standard of our country Stipulated in 91: use on the density of printing fine products range is: 0. 85-1. 15. Magenta 1. 25 ~ 1. 55. 1. 30 to 1. 60; The black one. 40 ~ 1. 80. Experiment results show that if to realize maximum density of yellow ink layer thickness should be 1. 5μ m; Magenta is 1. 0μ m; Green is 0. 85μ m; Black is 0. 75μ m。 According to from thin to thick to allocate color series, should be black - Green - Magenta - Yellow. Through the above analysis, we found that both from the ink viscosity, viscosity and density from the ink can achieve ideal will consider of ink film thickness, use black - Green - Magenta - Yellow order to printing, for general print is a more reasonable sequence of color. And due to the nature of magenta and blue ink close, so often in the printing will be according to the need of changing color series. In printing, we also due to meet some need to make some adjustment of color series, but usually need to meet the above principle on the basis of ( Can add additives in ink) 。
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