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How to achieve the consistency of printing ink

by:WenJie     2020-04-10
How to ensure the smooth operation of the printing and the consistency of printing & packaging ink, printing ink system, circulation must be good, always keep ink in the constant flow. Always want to keep the consistency of ink viscosity, timing measurement, timing and solvent. Old and new ink to mixed in proportion to use. Using the composite solvent. To prevent the occurrence of precipitation, the proportion of the amount of ink imbalance, the rough phenomenon. It is best to use a pump and stir the ink stick ink circulation, pay attention to the ink bucket shoulds not be too big, ink tank size wants moderate. Drying oven drying box is one of the keys to improve the printing speed, drying oven is effect is good or bad, is hot air blow dry ink, not by heating to dry. Heat, the higher the prints of the ink is not easy to do, first of all, temperature is too high, can make the ink conjunctival surface. Create table do not fake in dry atmosphere within the second ink now premature low boiling point solvent volatilization, high boiling point solvent residual, dry at a slower pace. In the 40 - required drying box, temperature 50 degrees, the wind cannot be directly on the film, heat cannot directly baked on the membrane surface, to have good ventilation, do not run to print and printing ink groove on the wind, drying box with the secondary return air performance is better. To prevent prints fake dry. The printing speed limiting factors of the printing press printing speed high and low come from where? Is first by the length of the transmission distance between all kinds of printing machine and decide, all kinds of transmission, the longer the distance between the printing speed can go up to the more, the opposite is difficult to improve the printing speed. Followed by the drying box effect is good or bad to decide the printing & packaging speed, because there's no dry before color, after color color before will bite down, eat color phenomenon. So good drying box to have the above characteristics, the wind is greater than the heat, the wind cannot be directly on the print, can't run the wind, exhaust air flow, with the secondary return air performance is better.
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