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How packing color box design will have more sense of ceremony?

by:WenJie     2020-09-03

before we have discussed about the packing color box out of the experience of the problem, in fact, the sense of ritual is also one of the important item here out of the experience. Seriously speaking, this is a satisfied customer & other; Senior & throughout; The process of psychological demands. Some brand shoe of innovation, for example, instead of the traditional four square design, using triangle cover box type of heaven and earth. Save printing & packaging materials and reasonable use a space, very stylish. Trend of psychology greatly satisfy the young people hankered after.

ceremony of printing & packaging & packaging color box design mainly reflect on the special product packaging market, such as organic food, limited products, luxury goods, high-end 3 c electronic products such as compared to ordinary commodities, they tend to be more can make people pay attention, cherish the feeling. In terms of packaging design, create the sense of ritual can help enlarge formal feeling, to meet consumer psychology.

good need good packaging, packaging and marketing itself is an art, color box packaging design if you think is the point, then you would be wrong, put a product to make my own business, to make your own brand is the ideal of many businesses. But ignore the importance packaging is not desirable. Some special local product, for example, if the modern printing & packaging & packaging design to soil, the soil of western style, earth burst to sales, so it will also be consumers eyes a suction eye products.

product packaging color box design is the brand image manifested intuitively, interaction design can make the products with high experience extends a great added value. Delicate design is not only interesting, impressive, even itself is part of a worth keeping, people willing to pay for it. Such as you go to the shop to buy brand mobile phone will have a sense of ritual process of trial experience, such as appointments, guide, concise moving white outer packing, build a kind of VIP when disassembling brand experience. Etc is to deepen the impression of customers and upgrading the product identification.

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