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Hot stamping effect is mainly made up of what factors

by:WenJie     2020-08-28

to get a good hot stamping effect, first of all to have the appropriate of gold foil, thermal stability performance is good, then also need to cooperate with the appropriate hot stamping machine, such as pressing type hot stamping machine and circular pressure type hot stamping machine have different effect, in any case, bronzing version, gold foil, temperature, pressure and hot pressing time is central to the process in the process of production.

version bronzing gilding template commonly known as gilding version or power cut, adopt zinco ( For zinc plate) And magnesium version ( For magnesium plate) In the majority. The following Jane road is introduced several kinds of plate:

zinco, the most common and most used bronzing edition, fixed thickness, low production costs, suitable for 1000 - 3000 the number of hot stamping.

magnesium version, there are a variety of thickness, thicker can corrosion depth, used for hot plate paper, fabric or stereo bronzing, the effect will be better, is used for hot stamping paper edge clearer, more zinco also durable, hot stamping version don't have to change when a larger number.

copper alloy hot stamping version, its hardness is zinc, magnesium, strong image level reduction better, high-definition, hot stamping quantity can reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of copies. Above with zinc, magnesium and copper alloy plate is suitable for single layer gilding.

brass version, about 7 mm thick, its hardness is low, carving can be big, suitable for hand carved sculpture, and the motor is regarded as cut, distinct, multilayer and hypotenuse engraving shall be selected in particular, can be used to blow convex/concave pressure, embossing, three-dimensional relief, also can be used for stereo bronzing ( The hot stamping + hit convex/concave pressure) , brass version of the manufacturing process is relatively complicated version of the price is expensive, and inspect its graphic requirement for complex and decide the price, the market average algorithm in terms of per square centimeter.

gold foil hot stamping foil domestic each volume size is generally width is 64 cm, length of 120 m, gold foil material points many varieties, to match the different is iron material, the price of imports, domestic or use different have change, as low as 100 yuan, the high thousands of dollars or thousands of yuan also have a roll. There is no doubt that choose adapted to substrates, comply with the design requirements, quality and nice gold foil is very important.

temperature flat hot stamping machine electric hot plate temperature is about 110 ℃, the circular pressure type hot stamping machine electric hot plate temperature is 140 ℃ 150 ℃, the temperature is not too high, or you will burn out tipping paper, graphic mould tent is not clear.

the weight of the pressure stress, depends on the hardness of the material and surface texture. For surface loose or soft material, printing & packaging can be heavier pressure, rough or hard, can be less pressure. Flat hot stamping machine is a synchronous hot pressure, wind throat machine on line is the line pressure and then into a flat, roller type machine is similar to the line pressure of offset machine.

hot pressing time can in the shortest and hot stamping out good effect as the basis, time is too long, gold foil and impaired by hot stamping paper, flash foil becomes the color foil.

the main process of hot stamping technology in the plate making and the thermal transfer printing, through the accurate grasp of plate production make the technology more fine. , 1970 set up, deep printing & packaging and printing & packaging industry to 49 years old now, spirit, exquisite workmanship, printing enterprise of achievement brand.

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