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Hot foam type of ink-jet printing technology and the advantages and disadvantages of micro piezoelectric analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-08
Hot foaming inkjet technology in use process will heat the ink, the ink is easy to happen in the heat of chemical change, nature is not stable. So the color will be affected by a certain authenticity. On the other hand because the ink is spurting out of the bubble, the direction of the ink particle size and volume is very bad, printing & packaging line edge easily uneven, to a certain extent affect the print quality. Micro piezoelectric inkjet technology is through the micro voltage to precisely control the size of the drops and the concentration drops no star at the instant of the jet scatter or the spread of the fog. Using the voltage direct conversion principle, the realization of ink-jet printer normal working state, the life of ink-jet printer. In addition, easy to use pigment ink, implementation is given priority to with outdoor applications, the overall consumption of small ink; Speed of great potential.
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