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Home appliance packaging is the difference between digital proofing box with custom sample box?

by:WenJie     2020-09-06

home appliance printing & packaging box proofing before mass customization will be confirmed that the nuclear recognize customer needs through to the sample inspection qualified to sign a batch production, which is based on the sample for mass customization. But generally large cargo customer does not recommend the use of digital proofing box as a signed sample for production, the main reason lies in the digital samples and sample custom have clear off color. Of course, there are other aspects.

such as paper, digital proofing the coated paper and custom in coated paper, digital proofing paper to reduce the damage to the equipment to the dumb powder, paper, and custom with coated paper look from the exterior to brighter. We know that in the digital printing & packaging medium domain than custom is wide, is more bright-coloured. In addition, the digital equipment using special inks and customization using environmental printing ink, then both the printed products also have some difference.

if the customer wants to guarantee the quality of the whole batch appliance boxes in the ideal range, it is recommended to use custom sample for production. Digital proofing can be used as early we check box size, shape, structure and so on. Digital sample can be found very intuitive print content correctly or not. Late for our home appliance printing & packaging improvement has a great help.

the current digital printing technology in improving constantly, is also a big trend of the development of the industry, from the above content, you might think of digital printing & packaging is still in the concept from a stage of preliminary operation, actually otherwise, if you have a more full knowledge of the digital printing, you will find that our appliances printing & packaging & packaging digital quick printing service for 24 hours, have been as good companies do custom bulk sample box. Only the popularization of this technique also need a period of time.

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