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Home appliance packaging how to increase customer unpacking experience?

by:WenJie     2020-08-27

web celebrity products out of the experience, we often see the broadcast platform, so for this kind of experience of video is very popular with consumers. Why, just a split open a case experience can bring attention and thumb up? Home appliance packaging customization small make up I summarized the points. One is we have a detection for the unknown curiosity, such elements are decryption reveal a action can cause we watch the thirst for knowledge. Second, our products experience, can give to us a more objective product knowledge, plus some banter and assessment, make us whether this kind of product has brought us value and convenience is very clear. If we also have the relevant experience or experience, empathy, and continue to pay attention to and thumb up this kind of video.

out-of-the-box experience is important for the customer, and custom home appliance packaging can bring you help. Open the home appliance box is the first in accordance with the customer's impression, so you need to make this a good start, a company make a n a good first impression, is how to choose their home appliance packaging and out of the experience of the clients. Live on if only is to use the above seems to need to spend a lot of money or time. If you spent so much energy on the packaging, they will think you spend on electrical appliances product of energy will be more. For the product packaging, there are a few things you should check before packed products. To ensure the safety of the products, and increase overall customer out of the experience.

the following several aspects of the well, out of the experience to help increase customer:

1. We need to customize a suitable for the size of the home appliance packaging, too small may be broken in transit. Too much can cause waste, if the volume calculation also need to pay more freight. And packed in big boxes of small objects may cause environmental consumer dissatisfaction. In customized packaging printing company Logo, product information or use all kinds of can enhance out of the experience method, can effectively correct information is sent to the customer, and started marketing their next time to buy from them.

2。 In order to ensure the security of the transportation of home appliance, general lining inside the box filling material, closely next to fill the lining made between packaging and product, product in transit will not move. Can effectively avoid the damage of product appearance caused by the shock. Such customers in packaging products can keep in good condition. If there is no second printing & packaging products, in the box wall in contact with the product is not recommended before, this may lead to scratch or broken appliances. That is why some brand products need soft thick lining.

3。 Ensure that the packaged product packaging complete closed, check a sealed condition before shipment to avoid home appliance box off, missing or missing broke product or product accessories. Some electric merchants do well in this respect. Conditional or even send packaging and delivery to the customer the picture or video, let the customer know the product has been set out, this will give customers guarantee shipment of the product is in good condition. Even after the arrival of the goods the customer satisfied with the product printing & packaging & packaging is not received, but also won't have too much opinion on products and services.

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