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Home appliance packaging color box color box to customize what problem should note?

by:WenJie     2020-09-07
Home appliance printing & packaging & packaging color box color box custom should pay attention to matters: bearing/material selection: for the safety of home appliance packaging transportation, need to make sure the carton color box customized bearing limits. Most of the customization customers know. USES the brand packing paper source, 3 - Five layer corrugated paper design, with a variety of pit type selection, suitable for different weight of products. Box type choice: this can choose according to the sales way, general stores/retail/supermarket, suggestion choice with handle custom color box color box, because if it is online sales is delivery home, can choose the easy plane box type, peel or a drawer type, etc. Of course, also need to consider according to the product volume and weight. Small home appliance are generally color box packing, medium-sized appliances using color box is more appropriate.

surface printing & packaging color and pattern, it also involves our sales target population problem, generally young consumers, can choose intelligent science and technology are strong, the elderly can choose healthy green material, etc. Children need more lively design, such as some of the current popular cartoon figure, anime, robot and so on. carton can be on the surface of various printing & packaging process. Color box color box to customize different packaging requirements, to carry out innovative design through the design team will take longer. On the basis of the original packaging for product improvement and upgrade, will be simple, to provide complete design information, our designer will according to the characteristics of customization demand and the market positioning and product itself, after the pattern printed samples to our client's confirmation.
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