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Home appliance packaging, black technology also can do this with!

by:WenJie     2020-08-30

a lot of people like black in life science and technology, this is mainly because the black technology in some ways to our life bring convenience and benefits. In our packaging industry, the use of black science and technology is also common. In home appliances package, for example, adopt easy tear anti-theft no gummed paper box, effectively avoid to use tape to seal, reducing sealing steps, save costs at the same time, improve work efficiency, split open a case is simple.

so what black science and technology in the packaging? Packing for precision class household electrical appliances, as well as with gas cushion packaging. Such as electricity, small home appliance packaging protection of suspended packing structure, put the small home appliance, adopt pneumatic equipment through the inflatable mouth filling, makes packaging or packaging box full of gas, the inner bag automatic locking small home appliance, make home appliance gas buffer layer formed between the inner bag and outer packing. Or is the outer bag package, can effectively avoid collision appliance damage caused in the process of transportation.

this kind of packing is also more common in the food fresh transportation. Such as fruit packing. Small make up also like black science and technology, for example, some innovative science and technology of packaging design, interesting and at the same time also has the very high collection value. In addition, black technology also reflected in what respect? In fact, in our manufacturing, there are some we don't know the black science and technology.

in home appliance industry, for example, home appliance cover out of the box, put down the bubble, in the process of packaging products, accessories, manuals, put foam process, such as by electrical variety, dimension change frequently, make the most of its packaging station adopt manual operation. However, because of higher labor costs and to improve the production efficiency, the traditional way of packing can not meet the market requirements. At the same time, repeat packaging process, boring, low production efficiency, high cost, the problem of high error rate.

so some companies have used automated production line, the application of robot to replace human, used in the production of structure design of precision positioning, transfer process route optimization, based on the flexible mechanism of rapid change line, intelligent packaging process monitoring management, and other black science and technology, implementation in the home appliance packaging machine manually, adjust the production line length, achieve the positioning of the carton specifications variety of home appliance of flexible clamping, and printing & packaging & packaging process based on the qr code convenient intelligent monitoring management to improve warehouse management. Reduce artificial can guarantee production efficiency at the same time.

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