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High quoted simulation technology is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-09-12

tell us color printing & packaging packing factory, high simulation of painting and calligraphy art has begun to gradually become a fashion and trend, from the formation to the mature gradually, in the field of color printing & packaging packaging also gradually introduce high simulation technology, today we are going to understand the technology.

according to introducing, high simulation printing technology which combined with the traditional way of printing & packaging, using high simulation electronic color separation technology for digital scanning and digital three-dimensional space of a color management technology; Domestic a lot of color printing printing & packaging enterprises in both painting and calligraphy copy and oil painting copy has made a bold attempt, now with the development of cultural undertakings as well as the application of high and new technology and the promotion, the only in the museum can be 'seen' paintings, ancient paintings is already entered the ordinary people.

as a cultural creative industry is an important part of color printing packaging industry, with high simulation in the promotion and development of art in self development and perfection, too, from a processing industry for 'others do JiaYiChang', gradually to manufacturing, product production direction.

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