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High-end packaging and printing of concave and convex printing plate-making technology solutions

by:WenJie     2020-03-28

concave and convex printing chart is within the scope of a kind of no special printing & packaging ink. On the printed graphic print, according to its graphic made concave and convex two tablets, reoccupy pressed flat printing machine for stamping, like a relief to make printed matter by surface shape, unique artistic effect. So say again & quot; Rolling bump & quot; That similar & quot; Arch flowers & quot; 。

a, the production of concave and convex plate

first distinguish between surface of primary and secondary levels, to subject as the theme, using the depth level, reach a certain depth, and then consider the secondary level, the main part of the outstanding to bump height. Made gravure plate first, using the carving process, can be a woodblock prints, copper engraving, steel engraving, corrosion edition; Second to determine the performance of graphics and line method, main body and the level of the general wants to coordinate, layout of the deep and shallow place wants to coordinate, the outline of a picture to be distinguished, and has a certain slope, carving surface is using the principle of perspective and nearly deep shallow expression; Finally after the complete contour sculpture, seiko fine cut, make whole space is bright and clean well.

will be carved intaglio, stick to the flat to flatten the printer in the middle of the metal base plate, flat plate, junior high to prevent pressure imbalance, false or stress produced version of the phenomenon, sticking on the embossing plate on Huang Banzhi, pressure to correction, more parts of concave and convex contour levels, according to the different shades, pressing with Huang Banzhi seal surface size cut into pieces of paper paste, form the same as the gravure trapezoidal convex die, the details of the trapezoidal convex mold is not consistent with the gravure, a trapezoid punch with the layer of gypsum slurry, gypsum slurry with fine net gypsum powder into stir in glue, appropriate to consistency, cover with a thin piece of paper on gypsum slurry, during gypsum will be dry when bump pressure testing, to prevent plaster stick bad, can brush a layer of kerosene in gravure. When testing for light wave machine, slowly at first, to avoid the gypsum layer spread out rapidly, forming gravure doesn't tally with the letterpress. After waiting for gypsum and finalize the design, stamping available to normal speed. First graphics if they do not conform to the requirements of the quality of the place, need to repair the gypsum layer, and gypsum has yet to dry out, will not embossed on the surface of the excess plaster scraped with a knife.

2, concave and convex version stamping

when printing will be printed on the gravure and letterpress, to high pressure, can squeeze out of concave and convex shapes. In stamping process such as the heavy pressure or bump too deep cause paper breakage, can use sand paper to grind evenly on the surface of the plaster, often should brush cleaning in stamping concave and convex space, prevent dirt into damage to seal surface, if the nature of the printing paper is hard, product quality requirements are high, can use hot pressing, namely in the middle of the metal base plate to add resistance wire, work through the current, make the plate fever, can press out the high quality product.

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