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Green color box color box, it is not to 'high price drop mass production

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

the current environmental protection and saving is often referred to a topic, with the improvement of living standards, consumption also follow to produce changes in our lives, such as daily obvious thing is that we eat issue from solve the problem of food and clothing, to rise to pay attention to eat healthy and safety, and also pay more attention to health problems. So for economical and environmentally friendly consumer health and safety of preserve one's health of consumption conflict with us? Why not conflict, said frugality is not the so-called unsafe, unhealthy, but when we in the protection of its own security under the premise of rational conservation and omit some additional spending. The consumer is not to lower our standard of living. Just as we can through the reasonable change some ways to avoid the waste of resources and environment friendly. Corrugated box color box packaging design is the same, using environmental protection material production, this does not mean that is to increase the high quality, cost reduction, in fact, in our paper source supply in many environmental protection material price is lower than the general paper instead, and on the quality can be achieved through some means to improve our using standard.

for many products, packaging is used to transport or carry, so a lot of product packaging is thrown away after bought, plus some materials use undeserved, cause environmental pollution, is a waste. Modern product printing & packaging & packaging design, advocate for packing two use, or simply the development can be used as other products, such as mobile phone packing color box color box, it used as a daily receive a case. In addition to using paper materials in environmental protection, in the packaging design can also be through technology and process improvement we waste of resources. Such as reasonable packing size, humanized design box type, use less polluting equipment and ink, etc.

color box color box packaging manufacturer to do a good job in environmental conservation needs through the production of each link of the improvement and control. Don't ignore the consumer experience of green packaging, for example, many people can drink yoghurt added bottle caps, small make up also is one of them, not lack of this thing, but the little remaining total we have managed to finish end of feeling. Like a lot of people want to put the toothpaste tubes are all squeezed out. Have to get a sense of accomplishment and small fortune psychological needs. If you can meet the the packaging needs of customers, is also ready to save one aspect of environmental protection packaging.

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