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Gravure printing workshop fire prevention measures

by:WenJie     2020-03-29
Fire explosion condition gravure coating workshop fire explosion, is organic solvent and oxygen violent chemical reaction, must also have three conditions: 1, the VOC concentrations greater than 100% of the LEL, namely more than lower explosive limit. More than 2, there is fire, the local temperature of ignition of the solvent. 3, burning point near there is plenty of oxygen. All fire accident, are the three necessary conditions for the results at the same time. Preventive measures, no more than three necessary conditions is to avoid appear at the same time. For oxygen in the air is generally more plentiful, so under normal circumstances is to avoid the occurrence of the front two conditions at the same time, the best one is not. Gravure coating workshop VOC concentration high place have? 1, ink inside the barrel or glue barrel, and the top. So if use electric ink absorption pump, must use explosion-proof motor, or with the pump. 2, near the head. Because of the applicator roll stirring constantly, make the glue tank and ink roller contact around the concentration is higher, if has electrostatic discharge, it is easy to burst into flames. 3, printing & packaging coating machine closer from the feed port inside the oven. Especially now most solvent with quick drying solvent, and the heating temperature is higher, most of the solvent in closer from the feed port internal evaporation drying oven, here the highest concentration, if the lack of exhaust air and the coating thicker, solvent amount is larger, it is possible to exceed the lower explosive limit. Preventive measures 1, eliminate fire. Presses don't allow smoking in the workshop and other open flames. Is the most prone to static electricity caused by sparks and collide with each other or friction. Especially in the above three places don't have a spark, so ink barrels or glue barrel, coating, printing coating machine near the head closer from the feed port inside the oven must be to do a good job of electrostatic elimination. Local high voltage electrostatic elimination is to put the material on the surface of erase, the current through the conductor grounding method and electrostatic generator elimination method. Electrostatic generator elimination method is produced through a generator voltage on the positive and negative ions to neutralize materials, and the electrostatic generator is a discharge process in the work itself, so you can't too close from VOC concentration is higher, itself is a hidden trouble, don't promote. Through the grounding conductor to economical and practical, copper wire, copper wire, aluminum foil is commonly used in close to the material, or add electrostatic brush to put the copper wire or electrostatic brush grounded. Prone to problem is copper wire or electrostatic brush by rack or guide roller to the ground again, in the middle may because frame causes such as insulation contact surface rust, oil, or the machine itself ground breaking, joint loss caused by failure. Suggest using a dedicated connections directly copper wire or electrostatic brush with ground wire. Friction spark fires are due to collide with each other or friction, appeared before the above drop metal touching the ink tank produce sparks and solvent ignition of the fire accident, should be taken into consideration seriously. When air humidity is bigger, film or paper on the static part easily through the air leakage, thus maintain appropriate humidity to eliminate static electricity also play a role. 2, inside the oven is equipped with alarm VOC concentration. Once the concentration is too high, VOC concentration alarm will automatically alarm. 3, adding carbon dioxide fire extinguishing installation, once will automatically spraying carbon dioxide fire extinguishing fire. 4, don't put the glue, solvent and ink in gravure press, near the best from the machine, when the one thousand fire in case the surrounding solvent ignite explosion, a bad accident. Spare materials had better stay away from a dangerous place, and the quantity not too much. 5, to ensure that no oven into the air volume is lower than a minimum, the minimum air volume, shall guarantee the VOC concentration less than 25% of the LEL. Intaglio printing machine, coating machine, compound machine oven due to large into the exhaust air volume, under normal circumstances will not fire explosion. Appear in blaze is often the result of the oven temperature is not enough operators locked into the exhaust air door is too small, or broken exhaust fan because of line fault or belt does not work, and the material on the VOC content is larger. 6, have oven is equipped with pressure relief on the mouth, once the oven pressure rises to a certain degree of pressure relief automatically open mouth, make the oven explosion.
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